Full Fat Soya Flour/Grits

Bansal full-fat soya flour/grits have the top-notch grades of soya flour.


High in protein
Milky aroma
Additional yield
No impurities
long-life shelf life

Full Fat Soya Flour/GritsSpecifications

Parameters Specifications
Protein 38% Min
Crude Fibre 3.5% Max
Fat 19% Min
Total Ash 7 % Max
Urease Activity 1.7-2.2% Max
Particle Size 90% Min (Pass through 100 mesh)
Moisture 9% Max
PDI 80% Min
Total Plate Count 50000 cell/gm Max
Coliform 10 cfu/gm Max
E.Coli Absent
Yeast & Moulds 100 cfu/gm Max
Salmonella Negative/ 25gm