Keeping fruits and vegetables inside the refrigerator and consuming them before they rot is a challenge sometimes. Directly storing them in the cool temperature and wishing they will remain fresh for weeks is impossible. 

You must be looking for ways if you could avoid rotting of vegetables and fruits and how? The answer is yes, early ripening could be prevented by following some simple tips and tricks.

In this blog we tell you about some of the most wise and practical tips on storing fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, so that they remain naturally fresh and flavourful.

Tips And Tricks To Store Food In Refrigerator :

Some vegetables are required to be washed properly before storing them inside the refrigerator, these include chillies, ginger, tomatoes, ladyfinger, etc. Despite this the vegetables and fruits may still rot!

Following the below tips will help you keep this problem at bay;

  1. Wrap it up 

When storing fruits and vegetable items like lemon or ginger, make sure you wrap them up in a newspaper, doing this will prevent the humid temperatures inside the fridge from destroying them. This way you can even store such items for longer than a week without their flavor getting spoiled. 

  1. Cut off the vegetable stems 

The leafy green vegetables will also serve you for longer if kept in the fridge. However, they rot faster in humid conditions of the fridge, to avoid this and to increase their shelf life, roughly cut their stems off and store them either in paper bags or keep them in an airtight container with tissue paper. 

Cutting the stem slows their aging process and tissue paper helps them stay dry. 



  1. Remove the vegetable buds 

To keep chillies fresh for longer make sure that you remove their buds, wrap them in a tissue paper or store them in an airtight container and then keep them inside the refrigerator.

  1. Plastic packaging 

When storing vegetables like mushrooms, make sure the container in which they are kept is covered by a plastic wrap, and be washed with hot water, only before cooking; this helps keep them fresh for a longer time and prevents rotting inside the fridge.


  1. Airtight containers

You can make vegetables like ivy gourd, bitter gourd and others fresh for longer than a week by storing them in an airtight container. Before keeping them in the container, lay a cotton or any kitchen towel at the bottom, store the vegetables and then cover them up using another similar towel, close the lid, and then store them inside the refrigerator

Cotton towels soak moisture. Thus, doing this will prevent rotting of such vegetables.

Important Tip :

It is recommended to avoid low grade plastic poly bags for food storage as they don’t let the ethylene gas escape, allowing the fruit or vegetables to rot faster. 

Investing in breathable jute or cloth mesh bags will naturally enhance the shelf life of most fruits and vegetables. Second, don’t over-depend on the fridge, it is good to buy fresh whenever possible.

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