Soya Flour

Soya Flour offered by our company is made from roasted or ground soybeans and is known for its high nutritional value. Soya flour is used extensively when mixed with whole grains and is excellent for home cooking. Soya flour is often added to the baked products as it makes them moist, tender and enhances their shelf life. The delectable taste, appearance and texture of our Soya flour have made us one of the prominent Roasted Soy Flour Manufacturers. We are also regarded as a proficient Soya Bean Flour Exporters from India.


Rich in Protein
Low on Carbohydrates
Used for Baking and Binding Sauces
Should always be Refrigerated

Defatted Soya Flour-Food Grade Typical Specification

Parameters Specifications of Toasted Flour Specifications of Toasted Flour
Protein (N X 6.25) 50-52% 50-52%
Moisture 06-08%Max 06-08%Max
Fat 1.20% Max 1.20% Max
Ash 6.00-6.50% 6.00-6.50%
Crude Fiber 3.50-4.00%Max 2.50-3.50%Max
Sand & Silica 0.30% Max. 3.50-4.00%Max
Urease Activity \Min at 30°C 0.05-0.20 mgn/g 1.70-2.00 Mgn/g
Particle Size (90% PassThrough) 80 Mesh 80 Mesh
P.D.I. 20–35 % 70-80%
Microbial Analysis - -
Total Plate Count / g 50,000 50,000
Coliforms / g 10 Max 10 Max
E. Coli. /g Absent Absent
Yeast & Moulds /g 100 Max 100 Max
Salmonella / 25 g Absent Absent


Available In

25 KG Paper Bags