India is well known for its diversity in culture, traditions, arts, music, and especially food. The food is rich in taste and definitely showcases the true culture of different states. The taste represents the essence of the Indian subcontinent. There’s so much to explore in the streets of the country, every area is surrounded by delicious delicacies. 

These delicacies bring out the taste that lies in the hands of the vendors who have brought these delicacies from ancestral recipe books. If you have not yet tried the wonderful masterpieces of Indian street food, then you’re missing out on some of the world’s most flavorful dishes. They’re known to be cooked in delicious oil, with local ingredients, and the love of the people who make prepare them with all their undying efforts. 

List of the top 10 Indian street delicacies

Indian street food is famous throughout the world for its extraordinarily flavourful taste. Some of the best-known street delicacies are listed below. 

1)Puffed rice/ Sprouts Bhel Puri

Puffed rice bhel or sprouts bhel puri is a savory snack that is famous for its crunchy and tangy taste. It is a type of chaat and is made with puffed rice/ sprouts, vegetables, tamarind sauce, green chili chutney, curd, and spicy sev all mixed together to form this delicious and fulfilling recipe. This is one of the most beloved forms of chaat and the sprouts version is definitely a healthier version for the health freaks. 

2)Aaloo Tikki

Aaloo Tikki is one of the most beloved chaat forms in India. Made with boiled potatoes, that are flattened and fried till crispy, served freshly with curd, curry made with chickpeas known as chole and multiple chili sauces. It reminds people of the flavourful taste of Punjab, the state that prepares some of the best street foods in India. 

3) One pot vegetable Biryani 

One pot vegetable biryani is one of the most delicious cuisines of Indian street food. Founding its way through Hyderabad, it has today become popular nationwide and comes with multiple variations of the dish. The boiled rice is cooked with the marinated mixture of vegetables and topped with coriander leaves, and saffron water for a rich color. It tastes incredibly flavorsome and is fulfilling. It is also made in most homes and can be taken for a picnic, while we present to you a whole list of food that can be prepared for a picnic. 

4)Corn Chaat

The corn chaat comes in many varieties. One such is sweet corn which comes in Punjabi masala, as boiled sweet corn is mixed with various spices and served hot. Another version is corn is fried till crispy, mixed with vegetables, and spices, sprinkled with coriander, and served hot. Corn chaat is super healthy and is usually found in the Indian streets during winter. 

5)Vegetable Pakoda

Vegetable Pakoda is a well-known street snack throughout the nation and is served hot with spicy chutneys. Vegetable pakora is made by mixing vegetables in the batter of gram flour and water with spices and frying them till it’s crispy. It is generally found in the streets in the morning and served as a breakfast or a snack. 


This is hands down one of the most delicious snacks on the list of street foods. Pani-Puri is made with a fried dough of wheat flour and spicy water, and boiled potatoes. The combination of the three is mouthwatering and filled with a mouthful of flavors. Today, Pani-puri has made its name globally and earned global recognition with many chefs including it in their restaurants. However, the taste of real street pani-puri is unbeatable by any proficient chef. 

7)Aaloo Matar Samosa

Samosa is a very popular street food and is made throughout north India. Samosa is made with fried sheets of refined flour dough filled with boiled potatoes, and green peas mixed with a number of Indian spices. It is also normally served hot with chutneys and fried chili. The incredible dish is often found in the morning in the streets and is served as breakfast. 

8)Vada Sambhar

The vada sambhar is a delicious street and ethnic dish of south India. The vada made of lentils fried batter and the sambhar made of vegetables and spices taste soothing to the soul. Vada fried in soya bean oil tastes much better than in any other oil. The street of the south and now even the north are filled with vada sambhar and other combinations of sambhar such as idli and dosa. 

9)Pyaaz or Dal Kachodi

Kachodi is just like samosa. The exterior is made of refined flour flattened dough and the inside is different as it is filled with a mixture of spices and boiled lentils or fried onions. The kachori is round, unlike samosa which is triangular in shape. It can be found alongside samosa in most street outlets and some even serve it with vegetable curry. 

10)Vegetable Kathi Roll 

Vegetable Kathi Roll is famously known in Kolkata but has made its way throughout India. Now many joints serve vegetable Kathi roll with mayonnaise and chutneys. The outside exterior is like paratha or chapati made out of refined flour and the filling is inclusive of vegetables and cheese depending upon the likings of the customers. 

Indian street foods are filled with love, flavor, and most importantly the hard work of its vendors. Street food is exceptionally delicious and has become the identity of India when it comes to flavorsome food. Bansal oil and foods thrive to keep this identity alive and striving, for this, we have some of the best edible products including Bansal soybean oil, Bansal rice, and Bansal soya nuggets.