Importance of Soya Foods

Soya Oil

Soya Oil is extracted from Soyabean, which is the most widely used oilseed worldwide. Soya Oil has a high capacity of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Refined Soya Oil

The crude oil received from the Solvent Extraction Plant is passed through a number of processes under strict hygienic conditions and quality control. The refined oil is marketed under the brand of “Bansal Soya refined Oil”. The Soya oil is considered to be amongst the best in the edible oils, since it has low, almost negligible levels of saturated fats which lead to cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels. The Bansal Soya refined Oil also has a high content of Vitamin E, favourable for a healthy skin.

Soyabean Meal

Soyabean Meal (De-oiled Cake) is another product in the manufacture of Soya Oil and has its main application in the formulation of cattle feed. Because of its high protein content of 48% by weight as compared to 40% to 42% in products supplied by USA and Brazil, Indian soya meal is preferred over other countries.